slide-11Our Search Process

We begin by meeting with your HR representative or hiring manager, either in-person or over the phone. We ask specific questions about your hiring process, your job needs, and the attributes of an ideal candidate, in regards to education, experience, and personality. Then, we heavily research your company (awards, feature articles, and studying your website) in order to best market you to candidates. Once we have done our homework, we start identifying individuals in our extensive network and reach out to those with the right qualifications.

We get candidates excited about your company and position and begin to further qualify them for the role based on your requirements and preferences. Then, we submit selected candidates to you with a succinct write-up elaborating areas of importance. Finally, we work with you to arrange interviews, extend offers, and onboard these top performers.


Our Methodology

We will work with you to fill your positions with the most qualified individuals. Top Talent Central partners with you throughout the following steps in the hiring process:

  • Outline Position – We begin by assessing the skill requirements, compensation package, and ideal start date.
  • Strategic Planning – We research the industry to obtain knowledge about your competitors. This information helps us customize a plan to find candidates with your specialized requirements.
  • Screening – We conduct several preliminary interviews with candidates to find the best matches in terms of education, experience, and personality. Respectful of your time, we create succinct profiles and forward you the résumés of only the best candidates.
  • Interview Scheduling – We help you schedule interviews with the candidates that you select.
  • Candidate Debrief – We ask interviewees for feedback on the interviewer, position, and company. We will probe for any apprehensions that may prevent the candidate from accepting the position.
  • Employer Debrief – We follow up with you to discuss the interviewees. If necessary, we assist in scheduling subsequent interviews. If the interviewee is deemed unfitting, we alter the direction of our recruiting efforts per your guidance.
  • Reference Checks – We thoroughly check candidate references, and provide you a summary of the results.
  • Offer Process – We serve as an intermediary between you and the candidate during the offer process.
  • Follow Up – We follow up periodically with you and the new hire to make sure the match is mutually satisfactory.


We are a contingency-based search firm. That means you pay us nothing unless we fill your position! If a placement is made, Top Talent Central’s fee is generally a fixed percentage of the new hire’s projected first-year total compensation. Call us for more details.




8 Testimonials

  1. Kelley (Tax Manager)
    Industrial Company

    11/19/2015 8:31 AM

    I reached out to Top Talent Central with a critical need in my department. I discussed my needs at length with Roshan Mehta and expressed my desire not just to find “a candidate” but “the perfect fit.” Within days, he found exactly what I was looking for. We scheduled an interview, and the candidate started that same week. It has now been a couple of weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. Roshan continues to follow up to ensure that everything has worked to my satisfaction. By far, the best experience I have ever had with a recruiting firm!

  2. Senior HR Professional
    Fortune 1000 Manufacturing Company

    10/30/2014 8:20 AM

    Top Talent Central has been essential in helping find high quality candidates that are a cultural fit for our organization.

    It feels good to know that Top Talent’s team focuses on the needs of the client and the employee. It was quite refreshing to see the difference in the way they operate. I would say they it is in an organization’s best interest to work with a smaller firm to ensure that you recruit employees that have relationships with the agency. The advantage of the in depth knowledge of the company and the potential employee builds a committed relationship to the organization for years to come.

  3. Internal Recruiting Team
    National Professional Services Firm

    02/11/2014 3:20 PM

    Top Talent Central has been a valued collaborator and partner since 2010. Their team of skilled and determined recruiters has a unique ability of identifying highly qualified accounting & finance professionals in a timely manner. Top Talent has helped us hire over 25 professionals in the last 3 years! They are pleasant to work with and always responsive.

  4. Sr Finance Manager

    08/27/2013 10:49 PM

    Having worked with Kathryn Ostermeier when I was on the other side of my job search and being familiar with Top Talent Central, I reached out to them when I had a position open up at my company. Kathryn was extremely proactive and quickly found candidates which fit the job description well. She is very quick to return phone calls and emails and followed up frequently to ensure expectations were being met. I highly recommend Kathryn and the team at Top Talent Central.

  5. Sr Manager of Accounting

    05/17/2013 10:28 AM

    Roshan did a really terrific job for me both as a candidate and as a client. I first got to know Roshan when I was looking for a new job. Roshan was very patient in getting to know about my experience and placed me into a place that I really appreciate. Roshan prepared me for the interview and sent me samples of thank you notes after the interview to make sure everything was in top shape. Because he did such a great job, I asked for his help when I was looking to hire someone on my team. Roshan was always very responsive and came up with the candidates that best resembled what I was ideally looking for. I highly recommend Roshan’s service to anyone that’s looking for a job or looking to fill an open position.

  6. HR Representative

    05/19/2009 4:40 PM

    I have been very impressed with Top Talent Central. Top Talent Central is a firm that understands our requests. The recruiters know the right questions to find the best match. The firm has a great record having placed some top talent in our organization. The experience with Top Talent Central has been very thorough from start to finish without leaving out any details needed to complete a timely transaction. I would recommend Top Talent Central to anyone searching for Top Talent or career opportunities.

  7. VP Internal Audit

    05/18/2009 6:41 PM

    Thanks for your assistance in recruiting a very hard to fill position. I am very picky about the candidates that we bring in for an interview and I appreciate the time and effort you took to understand the unique requirements of this position. The candidate you presented was a perfect fit in terms of qualifications. You were able to succeed where other firms had failed and I look forward to working with you when I have future hiring needs.

  8. Senior IT Audit Manager

    05/13/2009 11:40 AM

    Top Talent Central actively recruited for us for about a year and demonstrated dedication to identify qualified candidates. The firm was always attentive to details and focused to meet our expectations.