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Ethical Practices 

Our firm believes in the highest level of ethics in our dealings with our clients and candidates.  We strive to build relationships, and relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.  Our commitment to this steadfast practice is outlined in the Standards of Ethical Practices developed by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS). 

Job Seekers

  • Each job seeker will be notified of positions that fit their background. A resume is submitted to an employer only if the job seeker gives prior approval via verbal authority.
  • The information given to the candidates regarding responsibilities, length of employment, and compensation of the roles shall be in conformance with the best knowledge of the personnel consultant.
  • Information about an applicant will be used only for the purpose of finding employment for that applicant. Confidential information shall not be used for any other purposes.


  • An applicant’s qualifications and salary requirements shall be stated to the employer as accurately and fully as possible, or as requested.
  • A resume will only be sent to a hiring authority with prior authorization of the employer, which may be given verbally.
  • Confidential information relating to the company will only be used to help fill the job opening at hand, and will not otherwise be disclosed.